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Heidrich Feinmechanik stands for precision, quality and 30 years of experience in the production of individual parts and prototypes, mainly for basic physical research.

Our team manufactures  for the technology areas of research, optronics, sensor technology, laser, medical and energy technology; as well as for the aviation industry.


Our customers also include, for example, some young companies in the

Hamburg start-up Labs Bahrenfeld

Our focus:

Manufacture of high quality precision mechanical components

Specialized in one-off production

CNC milling and turning technology

CAD / CAM supported machine programming

Ultra-high vacuum components / micro plasma welding

Large stock of special material

Prototype construction and device construction accompanying the construction

Assembly production, assembly and spare parts production

Ready-to-install components including surface treatment


Matthias Heidrich: "We are an efficient craft business in a convenient location to the north  from Hamburg."

"Request a noncommittal offer  and use us as your extended workbench "

As your partner, we offer you long-term cooperation.


Depending on your requirements, we either only take on the technical advice or the complete work package up to the delivery of the ready-to-install components.


März 2023. UHV Bauteil aus 1.4435 mit verschiedenen KF Flanschabgängen und SM1 Gewinden zur Adaption von Messeinheiten und Optiken.

UHV Bauteile mit SM0,5, SM1 und SM2 Gewinden. Thorlabs Gewinde für Optiken und Spiegel.

Januar 2022. Mikrobohrungen mit 50µm Durchmesser und 1000 µm Tiefe mit einem Ultrakurzpulslaser bohren.

Je kleiner die Bohrung, desto größer der Aufwand.

Für ein Forschungsprojekt wurden Aluminiumblenden mit  Mikrobohrungen von 50 µm bis 300µm benötigt.

Bohrungen bis 100µm können wir noch konventionell bohren. Mikrobohrungen unter 100µm werden mittels Ultrakurzpulslaser gefertigt. Die Zylinderform der Bohrung ist dabei von der Dicke des Materials abhängig.

Mikrobohrung mittels Ultrakurzpulslaser ab 2µm Durchmesser. Kleinstbohrungen durch Mikrolasern, Mikrolaserbohren. Mit dem Ultrakurzpulslaser bohren wir Mikrobohrungen.

Dezember 2021. Dampf Verteilerventil für eine Dampflokomotive restauriert.

Für den Verein "Dampf-Kleinbahn Mühlenstroth e.V." haben wir ein Dampf Verteilerventil einer historischen Dampflok restauriert.

Neben der Wiederherstellung der Funktion war der Erhalt und die Aufarbeitung möglichst vieler Originalteile wichtig.

Der Verein betreibt für "Dampfbegeisterte"  ein Museum und bietet Dampflokfahrten an. 

Dampfverteilerventil für eine historische Dampflokomotive

February 2021. Production parts for high frequency applications

Among other things, we manufacture components made of OF-Cu copper. This type of copper is suitable for vacuum, oxygen-free and low in phosphate.

Here in connection with an insulator made of Macor, a machinable ceramic material and 2 high frequencies  Deflection electrodes made of an aluminum alloy.


June 2020. Delivery of a mask made of tantalum for experiments on the European XFEL X-ray laser

The adjustable mask made of aluminum, PEEK, Teflon and tantalum is used to clearly limit the scattered radiation of the X-rays in the radiation field. Tantalum is a pure metal from the group of "rare earths".

The challenge in processing lies among other things  in not contaminating the cut edges with tool abrasion or the like.

Tantalum is used because this material itself is not activated by exposure to X-rays.


March 2019. We manufacture parts for an electron spectrometer.

Conical electrodes made of bronze CuSn6 with a wall thickness of 0.6 mm. Insulators made of machinable ceramic (Macor) and adjustable, thin-walled resonance tubes that are turned from the solid material. The whole thing is mounted in a holder made of aluminum and titanium.

We realize your parts requirements for your experiment setups in any desired material.


We congratulate! Class 5 photonics. Winner of the Prism Awards 2018

January 2018, California: In the "Laser" category, Class 5 Photonics wins the "Oscar" for the photonic industry.

High-precision manufactured components for, for example, housings and mirror systems from "Heidrich Feinmechanik" have contributed to this success.

Class 5 Photonics gewinnt den Prism Awards 2018. Wir fertigen Komponenten für Spiegelsysteme, Breadboards, Laserexperimente und Versuchsaufbauten.

European XFEL, the world's largest X-ray laser goes into operation

The world's most powerful X-ray laser goes into operation in Schenefeld near Hamburg. New types of experiments can be carried out with the XFEL.

With the construction of various components, we have contributed to the fact that the X-ray Free-Electron Laser has become the most powerful X-ray laser in the world.

European XFEL, Röntgenlaser, Beschleuniger, Elektronenbeschleuniger, Linearbeschleuniger, Helmholtz Gemeinschaft, Teilefertigung für Ultrahochvakuumanwendung

Image source: European XFEL

Ion accelerator

developed by a research group from Hamburg. We made components for this experiment.

Ionenbeschleuniger, Ionenkanone
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