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Anodizing or anodizing

- how do the parameters affect the result

- what preparation of the parts is necessary.

Stainless steel. Types, properties and DIN designation

- Interesting facts about the most common types of stainless steel

Stainless steel properties

- In-depth discussion of the stainless steel information center (ISER)

Titan, technical data sheet

- Technical data of titanium and titanium alloys, the grading

Explosion plating stainless steel and aluminum

- an interesting material, not only for vacuum components

SM05 bis SM2 Gewinde, sogenannte Thorlabs Gewinde,
SM 0,535"-40UNS-2A; SM 1,035"-40UNS-2A; SM 1,535"-40UNS-2A;
SM 2,035"-40UNS-2A

- Schnittdaten für  SM 0,535" - 40 UNS-2A und SM 1,535"-40 UNS-2A Gewinde und andere

- Gewindetabelle für SM Gewinde

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