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Production of laser and optical components
for research.

Renowned research centers, universities and innovative companies count on us  when it comes to special optical system components for experimental laser setups and other precision parts for optomechanical experiments in optronics and photonics.


CNC turned and milled custom-made products for kinematic, cardanic or fixed optical mounts for holding HeNe lasers, YAG lasers, mirrors and lenses according to customer specifications.

Custom-made products for C-mount extension tubes, SM thread adapters, e.g. for use as a spacer, with C-mount and CS-mount instruments such as CCD / CMOS cameras and camera lenses.

CNC machined custom-made tubes according to your specifications for your lens tube systems. Lens tubes to mount optical filters and lenses in which the center of the lens barrel coincides with the optical axis. We manufacture tubes for you in the designs ½ "to 3" and for C-mount. All custom-made products can be precisely adapted to your existing accessories. All threads, from metric fine threads with all pitches to SM threads, are possible. We deliver the lens tubes compatible with your existing optical mounts and SM threads, such as those offered by Thorlabs.

CNC turned and CNC milled brackets for optical mirrors as custom-made products for your application. Optical mirror systems and mirror holders for optical mirrors in common optic sizes and for special optics. Everything is possible. Are the standard mirror mounts not stable enough for you? We are happy to manufacture extremely stable mirror mounts for optical mirrors according to your specifications.

Of course, you can also receive our CNC-manufactured fine mechanical precision parts and optomechanical components in a vacuum-compatible version. If you need the optical mirror holders, the holders for optical lenses or bases, pedestals and posts to support the mirror systems and optical systems that you would like to use in a vacuum, then we will manufacture these components for you from vacuum-compatible material. Instead of light-absorbing and reflection-free matt anodizing, we also offer these parts with a matt, only blasted surface. The accessories for your experimental laser setups will then be provided with a ventilation hole at a suitable location. Vented lens tubes, vented optical mirror holders or vented pedestals and breadboards. Cleaned for use in the clean room and vacuumed. Contact us.

All optomechanical components and optomechanical systems are also available from us in stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4435 or 1.4404 (316L), precisely CNC milled or CNC turned.

If you need an optical breadboard, we will manufacture it for you in any shape, size and thickness you want. There are no limits to the thread grid or the thread type and size of the optical breadboards. Everything is possible! The standard for the production of breadboards is finely milled aluminum precision plate EN-AW 5083 in anodised quality. These plates are characterized by a homogeneous structure and very low internal stress. This makes it very easy to produce precise breadboards in a special design according to customer requirements on the CNC milling machine. If your experimental setup requires it, the breadboards are also available in a vacuum-suitable, vented version or in an anodized version. The anodized surface of the breadboards is characterized by high hardness and wear resistance.

We can anodize many RAL colors and engrave your logo.

Podeste und Halter für optische Spiegel, Spiegelsysteme und Linsen. Sonderanfertigungen für mirror holder und mirror posts zur Verwendung auf optischen Tischen und breadboards. Gefertigt aus Aluminium und matt schwarz eloxiert oder matt natur eloxiert. Kundenspezifische Aufbaulösungen für Ihre Laser Experimente.

Podeste und Halter für optische Spiegel, Spiegelsysteme und optische Linsen

Wir fertigen für Sie Halter und Podeste nach Ihren Vorstellungen. Mit höchster Präzision drehen oder fräsen wir auf unseren CNC Bearbeitungszentren die mirror posts und mirror holder die Sie auf Ihren optischen Tischen benötigen.

Die Oberflächen bieten wir Ihnen in matter, farblos eloxierter Oberfläche, in matter, schwarz eloxierter Oberfläche oder auch in vielen matten RAL Farbtönen eloxiert an.

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